Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb CLN Webinar- Teacher Inquiry

Catch the conversation about teacher inquiry as a vehicle for professional learning as recorded during CoLearning Network's February webinar with Michelle Bourgeois (Co-director of St. Vrain Valley School District’s Digital Learning Community [DLC]) and Stevan Kalmon (Director of the Council on 21st Century Learning) will lead the conversation.  

Collaborative inquiry is central to St. Vrain’s DLC process. As the process matures, it not only strengthens the ability of participating teachers to address students’ learning needs, it also lays the foundation for districtwide transformation. Topics the webinar will explore include:

  • how teacher inquiry differs from conventional PLC models;
  • principles and issues in conducting a program of teacher inquiry;
  • strategies for implementing teacher inquiry across a school district;
  • examples of inquiry projects in St. Vrain School District;
  • how teacher inquiry can create powerful learning for both teachers and students.
Recordings of CLN's previous webinars are posted on the CoLearning site.

CoLearning Network webinars are conducted on the third Tuesday of every month, at 3:30 p.m. Join the free webinar at as a guest.

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