Thursday, March 29, 2012

April CLN Webinar- Student Presentations of Learning

View CoLearning Network's recorded conversation about student presentations of learning with Sarah Park (Director of Mapleton Early College, Denver, Colorado) and Michael Soguero (Director of Professional Development at Eagle Rock School, Estes Park, Colorado).
At Mapleton Early College and Eagle Rock, presentations of learning provide students a powerful opportunity to reflect and report on their growth as learners and members of a community of learners. During their years at these schools, students make multiple  presentations to groups of students and teachers (and, at Eagle Rock, to a panels of observers from outside the school community). The presentations serve as benchmarks, thresholds, and celebrations. Followed over the years, they both documents and promote tremendous mental and emotional growth. 

Topics the webinar will explore include:
- the purposes and values of assessment; 
- the curricular role of student presentations of learning;
- assessment of skills and habits of mind;
- building an intentional positive school culture;
- agonies and ecstasies of communities of learning;
- promoting academic achievement and human potential.
CoLearning Network webinars are conducted on the third Tuesday of every month, at 3:30 p.m. Join the free webinar at as a guest.
If you have not used Adobe Connect before, we recommend that you link to the webinar site 5 minutes early, so you can dowload and test the connection software.
If you cannot join the webinar, a recording will be posted on the CoLearning site by the next day.

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