Thursday, March 8, 2012

March CLN Webinar with Rick Freehling

CLN's monthly webinars are recorded for convenient viewing.   Rick Freehling (Critical Thinking & Reasoning/Economics & Globalization Teacher and Department Chair for the 21st Century Program at Harrison High School) will lead the conversation on creating and running a school devoted to learning for the 21st century

Now in its fifth year, Harrison's 21st Cenury Program focuses on critical thinking and construction of knowledge in a "global" classroom. Topics the webinar will explore include:
·  assessment of skills and habits of mind;
·  re-thinking the "core" of a curriculum;
·  co-learning with students while facilitating their learning;
·  issues of creating a school-within-a-school and innovating in a model NCLB district;
·  the learning outcomes from thinking and acting globally as well as locally.

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